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Laundry Sheets

Made for the simplest laundry, ever.


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32 sheets128 sheets (11% discount)
Summer FlowerCherry Blossom0% Fragrance


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  • Each recyclable pack contains 32 probiotic laundry sheets.


Made with 5 strains of probiotics from the Belgian Ardennes. Our ingredients are 100% vegan.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 38 reviews

Zalig één soort was strip voor al je was zelf fijne was en wol was.

Anja Kruizinga
Vandaag na 4 weken het proefpakket ontvangen. De verpakking was opengescheurt,

De 2 velletjes ruiken heerlijk. Ik ga ze straks uitproberen. Bedankt voor de sample.


Ik heb vandaag 1 Yoku vel gebruikt voor mijn was. De geur is heerlijk. Het is makkelijk voor gebruik. Als het in de Supermarkt verkocht zou worden, dan koop ik het zeker. Lieve Groet Filiz


Bonjour, j'ai eu un échantillon, cette lessive es vraiment bien, mais le prix es trop élevé pas rapport à ma lessive habituelle,je veux faire des efforts pour l'écologie mais pas me ruiner non plus, dommage.

Helaas niet ontvangen

Heb aangevraagd maar heb ze tot nu toe niet ontvangen

32 sheets128 sheets (11% discount)
Summer FlowerCherry Blossom0% Fragrance


Pssstt... Here's the answers you're looking for

Hey, I'm Joris - the founder of YOKUU!

Whilst writing my bio-engineer thesis, I discovered that 99% of bacteria are healthy... So why are we so obsessed with killing them?  

Here's a couple of our most frequently asked questions:

How many sheets should I add to my wash?

For a 'standard', medium-sized laundry load of 3-6kg, one laundry strip is sufficient. If you've got a smaller load or want to do a hand wash, tear the strip in two. But for those mega-laundry days over 6kg, it's best to bring in some reinforcements and use two strips. Happy washing!

Can I use the laundry sheets for a prewash?

 If you want to do a prewash, it's best to put the laundry strips in the detergent compartment!

Can the sheets be used for dark laundry or delicate fabrics such as wool?

Our laundry strips are suitable for all types of laundry ✅ However, for delicate fabrics such as wool, we recommend putting the strips in the detergent compartment (where you would normally put liquid detergent). This allows the strip to dissolve before it comes into contact with your laundry. Otherwise, there is a chance that the strip will not dissolve completely and may cling to the wool fibers.

Are YOKUU's bacteria safe?

The bacteria in our products are 100% safe - so safe that they're technically edible (but we wouldn't recommend it). 

What if I'm not 100% satisfied?

We offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. We're that sure you'll love our probiotic cleaners. 

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Level up your indoor microbiome.

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